Four Tips for Driving in the Snow

Driving in snowstorm
Driving in snowstorm


We’re right in the middle of winter, which for many of us means snow. Even if you avoid driving in winter weather as much as possible, a quick storm or wrong weather forecast could force you to drive when road conditions are dangerous. We understand that driving in the snow can be scary for someone who isn’t used to it. That is a common reaction, which is why knowledge is important to mitigate the dangers as much as possible.


Obviously, if you can avoid driving on the snow or ice, please do so. However, this could be unavoidable at times, which is why we have provided the following tips to keep in mind when you encounter snow or ice on the road:


Slow Down: We understand that you want to get home as soon as possible, but it’s important to keep in mind that you cannot drive at normal speeds on snowy and icy roads. You can veer off the road or lose control on ice at as slow as ten mph. If you are going over 45 and it’s snowy and icy, please slow down. If you are sliding at all as you drive, you’re going too fast.


Wear Your Seat Belt: This is something you’ll want to do when driving in any conditions, but this is especially important when the road conditions are treacherous. Even if you going slow and are paying attention, you can’t control the actions of other drivers. Play it safe and wear a seat belt.


Turn toward the Slide: If you begin to slide, turn the steering wheel in the direction the rear tires are sliding. Don’t oversteer though because you might start sliding in the opposite direction. If that does occur, you must correct the slide in that direction. Driving through this kind of occurrence is difficult for even the most skilled drivers so the important thing is to stay calm while trying to straighten out your vehicle.


Don’t Brake Too Often: It’s a common reaction. You start to slide and then you brake. However, this could cause your brakes to lock up which could lead to losing control of your car if it begins to slide. Go as easy on your brakes as possible and just take it slow to avoid losing control. This is easier to do if you are adjusting your speed for the road conditions.


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