Why You Might Want to Skip that Fast Food Meal When You Drive

Young man driving his car while eating food


Let’s face it. All of us are quite busy in our everyday lives. In fact, we’re so busy that many of us have probably dined in our car as we raced from one job or errand to another. There’s a reason why fast food restaurants started drive-thru. However, while it might be more convenient to eat in your car when you’re busy, you should also know that eating while driving can be incredibly dangerous. There was an article that was first featured in Spoon University and later in USA Today that discussed the inherent dangers of eating when driving.


According to most research out there, eating while driving is almost as dangerous as texting when driving. This is because eating reduces your attention, which increases the risk that you’ll get into an accident. Most experts agree that it takes only three seconds of lost focus on the road to cause an accident. Eighty percent of accidents are caused by those three second of diverted attention. Just about the amount of time it would take to look down and grab your sandwich from the bag.


In order to reduce accidents and prevent people from being distracted on the road, some states are even considering amending distracted driving laws to restrict eating and drinking while driving. Although it is impossible to determine whether or not these pushes will lead to legislation, the dangers still do exist. So, just as you should wait on texting until you make it to your stop, you should also avoid eating as you drive as well. It might even save your or someone else’s life.


We understand that time is an important commodity. eTags.com was founded, for example, to help people save time spent waiting at the DMV. But there are some time-hacks that aren’t simply worth the risk. Texting while driving is one. Eating while driving may be another.

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