Five Fall Driving Safety Tips

Driving at a wheel the car. Travel countryside. Fall. The photo is tinted in a retro style.


After a long (hot) summer, is there anything better than a crisp fall day? However, fall does present some challenges that motorists must be aware of before they get behind the wheel. Number one, students are back in school, so you should always give yourself a few more minutes on your morning commute in case you find yourself behind a bus or driving through a school zone. In addition to that, make sure to pay attention as you drive in residential areas as more kids will be on the sidewalk and side of the road.


Another thing to be aware of is the weather. A warm mid-afternoon could easily turn into a cold and rainy night a few hours later, causing unfavorable conditions for those out on the road.  And it gets darker sooner, meaning visibility isn’t as great as what you became used to during the late afternoon hours in the summer. Always try to put a little more distance between you and the next car if it does start to rain in case there is a quick stop. And, in the evenings, keep your low beams off, so you don’t blind other drivers.


In addition to sticking with the low beams and keeping your distance, clean your windshield regularly, so you can spot a slippery area before it becomes too late. Get more driving tips as well as information about vehicle registrations on the eTags’ Blog.

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