Why Do We Hate to Wait in Line at the DMV So Much?

Diverse group of people standing in row. Isolated on white
Diverse group of people standing in row. Isolated on white

Do you hate to wait in line? You’re not alone. Yet, it’s something that we have to do all of the time. According to Richard Larson, a professor who studies queueing theory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the average person spends as much as two years of his or her life waiting. Just think about that for a second. Whether you’re waiting in line to get some fast food or standing in line to get on a ride at a theme park, you can expect to spend an overage of 730 days or 17,520 hours of your life just waiting.


Why do we hate to stand in line so much? Some researchers believe it is out of boredom. According to one experiment conducted in the 1950s, engineers were able to reduce customer complaints in a multi-story office building by installing floor to ceiling mirrors.  As people waited in line for the elevator, the mirrors allowed them to focus on their reflection rather than the fact that they were bored just standing there.  So boredom could be one factor.


In 2016, though, it could just be a simple issue with time. Many of us are extremely busy. Whether it’s because of a job, school, family, or all three, time is an extremely valuable commodity. Most of us don’t want to waste it standing in line.


A Solution to Waiting in Line at the DMV


If there’s one place people hate standing in line more than most, it’s probably the DMV. The average person will spend more than a half hour at the DMV when he or she needs to renew car registration. This could be thirty minutes spent doing something more productive, like playing PokemonGo. And even if you have a phone or a book to occupy your time, waiting in line for this long just plain sucks.


Online vehicle registration renewal services, like eTags.com, allows residents in Florida, California, and more states to come to renew their car registration online. There’s no waiting in line, and customers can enjoy additional benefits, including renewal reminders by email, faster processing, registration certificate replacement, ongoing customer support, and more for a small service fee. If you hate to wait in line, renew your registration online through eTags.com.