The Ongoing Costs of Owning a Motorcycle


Now that the weather is warmer, you’re bound to see more motorcycles on the road. Many people keep motorcycles as a secondary vehicle, so they may not think they require as much maintenance as cars or trucks that are used more often. However, just with any other vehicle, motorcycle owners will have ongoing costs with regard to maintenance, fueling, and ownership as well.


For example, motorcycle owners must renew their registration every year to ensure that the bike is legally allowed to be used on a public road. If you live in California or Florida and don’t want the hassle of waiting in line and getting to the DMV during normal business hours, eTags offers a variety of online renewal services with additional benefits, including quick processing and one free registration certificate replacement for every year of being a customer.


Here are several other costs you can expect to pay on your motorcycle:


  • Routine maintenance like oil changes, tune-up, and transmission fluid
  • Tire replacement and repair. Tires do not need to be rotated, but they are susceptible to cracking and dry rot, even if the bike isn’t used that often
  • Air filter and spark plug replacement: this is recommended once every year at the very least
  • While not required for most people, it is still good to budget this in.
  • Motorcycle equipment including helmet, jacket, and other safety gear
  • Fuel albeit far less use and cost than a 4 wheeled vehicle
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