Four Institutions to Notify When You Move


As 2016 is a presidential election year, anyone who has moved recently should make sure they have changed their address with the state election office. Even if you have only moved a few miles away, you may be assigned a new precinct, which will affect where you vote and whom you can vote for. However, your state election office is only one institution you should contact about your new address after you have moved. Here are several others to be mindful of:


DMV: Depending on the state where you move, you may have very specific requirements on what you need to do in order to change the address on you license and vehicle registration., a private vehicle registration service, can provide you with information regarding changing your address with the DMV in your state.


USPS: The United States Postal Service offers free mail forwarding for a year after you have moved. You can complete mail forwarding online or by going to your local post office. This could be especially important in the first month or two after you have moved in case you missed notifying pertinent parties of your address change.


IRS: You may not need to notify the IRS if you don’t plan on getting anything from them in the mail until your next return, but it might be a good idea to provide a new address just in case. When you do file, you will be asked if you moved and you can provide your new address then.